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32Red Casino Review – Claim $10 No Deposit Bonus

32red casino

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$32 Free for every $20 deposited + $10 No deposit bonus

Deposit Options Include: Credit Card, ECO Card, NETeller, Paypal, Ukash & Skrill


Review of 32Red Casino

When someone contacts me and asks “Hey what's your favorite place to play ?” I offer two different choices and give my reasoning behind it. First there is 32Red Casino and second is Casino Kingdom. Both are my personal favorites but for the sake of this review let's talk about why 32Red is one of them.

Ever since I got into the business of playing and promoting online casinos I have searched for a place I can truly call my go-to casino that I have no problem recommending to other players. Yes I've played at literally hundreds of casinos and yes I've had my share of wins and losses just like everybody else. And yes there are other very reputable casinos to choose from. So why 32Red you're asking…

Well one of the biggest things I look for when deciding where to play is the level of customer service offered. I want to be treated as a high roller would be even when I'm not. 32Red fits that description perfectly and if you'll take a moment I'll tell you exactly why.

A few years back I decided to try 32Red casino for the first time. After all everybody was raving about their support team and how quick they were to pay winners. Even with all the high praise I still didn't want to leave my beloved Casino Kingdom because ( don't laugh ) I had reached the highest possible free spin options on Thunderstruck II ( my favorite slot ) and knew I would have to start over if I started playing at another online casino. No matter though, I was going to dive in with the rest of the players out there and see what all the hype was about.

I downloaded the free casino software and proceeded to sign up with my details. Once signed up I made my first deposit of $50 ( Always $50 when trying a new casino ) and claimed their opening offer of $32 free for very $20 deposited and headed right for the slot machines.

Now here is the good part. I honestly had the worst luck on this particular day and while I understand these days are bound to happen I was extremely pissed. I mean how could I have such bad luck at a casino the entire world was raving about? Well I would have none of it and expressed my feelings to their poor support team. They remained friendly though I wonder how they could considering how much I was yelling at them but to the point, they stated they were very sorry for my luck and wished me better fortunes in my following session. Well I certainly wasn't going to be playing another “session” I told them and finished my complaint and closed the chat.

To my surprise I received an email from the 32Red casino manager not more than a few hours later. I believe his name was Mark. He was completely understanding of my situation and didn't want to see any customer unhappy with his casino. He offered me a 300% bonus on any future deposit and threw in a free chip to boot. I thought wow…A personal email from the casino manager for a first time player who only deposited 50 bucks? Good on them !

Anyway as I am a forgiving man I decided to take Mark up on his offer and made another $50 deposit and claimed the 300% bonus he offered me and wouldn't you know it, my luck had changed and I turned that $50 deposit into a $4,000 cashout ( on slots if you can believe that ! ) to which I was paid the next day to my E-wallet.

Now there will always be good casinos out there with outstanding support. They will always have bonuses and players will always have good or bad days. As online gamblers we all know this. But when a casino manager goes out of his way to get you back as a customer when all you did was deposit $50 lousy dollars  showed me that not only was 32Red a good casino, they were a great casino and with that they became one of my top two personal choices as well as recommendations to others.

I continue to play at 32Red to this day and highly recommend them to other players reading this article.

32red casino

Visit 32Red Casino  ♦  Download Casino  ♦  Mobile Friendly

$32 Free for every $20 deposited + $10 No deposit bonus