Posted May 3, 2015 by ben in Latest Games

Lucky Leprechaun – The end of the rainbow is just a click away

With so many new slots coming out every month is pretty difficult to keep up with them all. My inbox is full of brand new slots just waiting to be tested but not all of them make it to the Epic Gambler website. Lucky Leprechaun however was an easy choice to post for my readers.

One of Microgaming's latest slots is offering some really big payouts and even though St Patrick day is long gone, Lucky Leprechaun is still a hot topic for slot lovers. Here's why…

  • Single & full reel wild symbols
  • 2 Different bonus rounds
  • Extended bonus features
  • Bigger payouts than recent slot releases

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The problem with many slots these days is they offer so many ways to win ( 243 ways to win comes to mind ) but offer little in the way of payouts. Even five of a kind sometimes only pays a few bucks. I know sometimes I'll bet a dollar and get a full line that didn't even double my bet. Sheesh….!!

The new Lucky Leprechaun is quite the opposite. It's normal for a single dollar bet to net some big returns. Whether it's from regular symbols on the reels or from one of it's lucky bonus rounds, the payouts are bigger with Lucky Leprechaun.

If you've ever played the latest Batman slot from Microgaming named “The Dark Knight” you know that it takes forever for a bonus round to kick in. To the point where I stopped playing it completely. Well good news. Lucky Leprechaun has two different bonus rounds and they tend to come more often which really helps extend my game sessions. In fact the last time I played ( last week ) I managed a 4 hour session at Lucky Red casino and 90% was on Lucky Leprechaun with a $175 cash out to boot.

Both the free spins and Trail O' Fortune tended to kick in every 50 spins or so with my last session. Sometimes more and sometimes less but that was the average which is more than fair considering what they pay out.

Trail o' Fortune

The Trail O' Fortune feature offers a minimum amount of 13 times your original bet and that's only if you roll all ones during the bonus. ( which is never going to happen ) With a maximum payout of 1000 times your bet. For me I usually scored anywhere from 20-50x my bet ( with three scatters ).

The image above shows the multipliers with 5 scatter symbols.

Lucky Leprechaun is well worth taking a look at. It has everything I look for in a video slot. Wild and full reel wild symbols, 2 different bonus games, larger than normal payouts and last but not least it's visually appealing with it's vibrant color scheme.