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Royal Ace Casino Review – $50 No Deposit Bonus

Royal Ace Casino

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100% No limit slot bonus ( Royal Ace doubles all deposits )

No Deposit Bonus: $50 free chip use coupon code EPIC50

Deposit Options Include: Credit Card, NETeller & American Express


Review of Royal Ace Casino

When it comes to playing at an online casino residents of the USA have some issues due to some good ol' government interference. As a Canadian I must confess that pulling such a stunt was a little heartbreaking as I watched hundreds of online casinos close their doors to the American public.

However, not all is lost thanks to a few online casinos who are licensed outside of the United States jurisdiction and have decided to continue to accept American players. This is where the casino software giant known as Real Time gaming enters the picture. They power a large number of online casinos that are more than happy to remain US friendly.

Enter Royal Ace casino. Now it should be known that as a Canadian I am not able to play at Royal Ace and forgive me but I can not for the life of me get an answer as to why. It troubles me to no end that some RTG casinos accept Canadian players while others do not. Anyway…I will combine some research in hopes of helping players make a decision on Royal Ace Casino.

The first thing I noticed is many sites out there post that players have difficulty getting paid their winnings from Royal Ace in a timely manner.

A little more searching an I find that this is due to a few different reasons. When it comes to players, there seems to be some confusion as to what rules there are when playing certain bonuses. It seems some players are collecting multiple no deposit bonus chips and attempting to cash out. This is a very strict no no and is clearly stated on their website. that goes pretty well for all casinos out there and not just for Royal Ace. Never claim more than one free chip at a time because in all honesty you'll never get paid any following winnings.

Now in the defense of the players, Royal Ace and the group of casinos they belong to seem to pump of a lot of free chip bonuses. You can find them all over the web. There seem to be hundreds of them and all for different amounts. This seems like a bit of a tactical way of getting players to return and play at the casino but at the same time it causes confusion which in my opinion is done on purpose as a reason to void winnings because of broken terms and conditions. While I believe there are a lot of bonus abusers out there, I know that a little more common sense on the part of Royal Ace could prove to be beneficial for themselves and their players.

The second thing I found was through a little testing of my own. Now as I stated earlier, Royal Ace is a casino that does not accept Canadian players. However it is still possible to sign up with them and it's even possible to enter various coupon codes. Now signing up is very easy and it didn't take me more than a few minutes to register, enter my coupon code and start playing slots.

The problem that I found was not with the casino experience itself. In fact it was pretty smooth and the set up is like any other RTG casino I've played at. The problem was the non stop phone calls I started to receive after signing up. These were not welcome calls to say thanks for joining or anything. They were more of the “make your blood boil” kind of calls that I had to deal with a couple times a day. Not once did I actually get to speak to anybody. I could hear them in the background and most times they would hang up right after I answered. In fact at one point the gentleman on the other end said he had the wrong number but then called back 5 minutes later only to hang up once again. I finally had to look up the number to see where it was coming from and it turned out the call came from the group that owns Royal Ace casino. I spoke to live support and they quickly removed me from their listing. Not a great experience so far.

The third and final thing I found was that Royal Ace is quite generous with there bonus offers. I wrote earlier about their large number of no deposit bonus offers ( coupon codes ) but when it comes to actual deposit bonuses they do have some of the biggest currently available today. Their current 100% with no limit is almost unheard of in the world of online gambling and will easily attract quite a few players looking to get more bang for their buck.

My advice is this. If you're going to play at Royal Ace casino be sure to follow the rules they set out. Don't claim multiple bonuses and make sure you contact their live support to make sure your account is in good standing before claiming future bonus offers.

Royal Ace remains in business because even though they do pay slowly, the do end up paying their winners eventually even if you have to chase them a bit to get it.

My suggestion is this. If you're going to play at an RTG casino and are looking for a less nerve racking experience then head over to some of my higher rated casinos from RTG that are more than happy to accept American ( USA friendly ) players.

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Royal Ace Casino

Visit Royal Ace Casino  ♦  Download Casino  ♦  Mobile Friendly

100% No limit slot bonus ( Royal Ace doubles all deposits )

No Deposit Bonus: $50 free chip use coupon code EPIC50