Posted May 22, 2015 by ben in Gambling News

Is customer service really that important these days ?

casino customer service
casino customer service

I don't know about you guys but when I decide where I'm going to spend my hard earned money I want the whole package.  Great games, easy banking, fair terms and conditions and of course, excellent customer service.

Lets face it. We live in a world where we need reassurance that everything is going to be okay before we spend our money. That's why we read reviews, call support numbers and pretty well analyze everything before we pull out our credit cards. While some websites out there may provide their readers with lofty ratings for the garbage casinos they promote ( I'll get to that in another article ) there is still always the option of contacting casino support to really make your own judgment prior to playing for real money regardless of what the ratings on any website show.

Don't be afraid to contact a casinos support service first

From one player to another I want to give you some advice. Test the customer service prior to playing anywhere. If ever there was an easy way to judge how an online casino does business, it's chatting with their support team. Here are a few things to look for.

  • Are they providing support to 10 different people at once ?
  • Do you have to wait 5 minutes to get a response for a simple question?
  • Is support pushing you into making a bigger deposit ?
  • Does it feel like every answer is automated like you're talking to a robot ?

Remember the real life service experience & apply it

For me, I will use an example that I know many of my fellow Canadians can relate to. Would I ever do business with a company like say….Bell Canada if I knew what I know now ? Um, hell no! With a little research and a simple test of their customer service I would have known they are down right awful. Worst customer service award comes to mind ( they did win that btw ) Anyway, it was an expensive lesson but it was a lesson never the less and has seriously taught me the importance of quality customer service. I use that ( the test ) in every aspect of my spending now and that includes online casinos.

I won't go on and on about the importance of customer service but I did want to post the article as a little tip to my readers before they spend their money. Remember, spend a little time and save a lot of money. A prime example of good customer service can be found in my review of 32Red casino.

I would love to hear about your personal experience with an online casinos support team. Use the comment section below and let me know.