Posted May 3, 2015 by ben in Latest Games

Not Quite – A Rabbit in the Hat just doesn’t cut it


I give it to the developers over at Microgaming. They're trying to come up with new ideas as seen in their latest release – Unfortunately Rabbit in the Hat doesn't quite make my recommended list for a couple of reasons. Let's look at the good and not so good of this recently released 3D style video slot.

First of all the Good.

Rabbit in the Hat is a great looking video slot. It's color scheme is very visually appealing. Winning combinations payout a decent amount and the idea of random prizes hopping around waiting to be won is a pretty cool idea.

Now the Bad

With this particular slot players increase their bankrolls mainly by activating the dropping rabbits from the top of the reels. This is actually the main idea behind the Rabbit in the Hat. But they don't just drop down randomly. They only drop when a wild symbol appears and it must be on a matching reel. To be very honest it doesn't happen enough to warrant playing this game for an extended period of time. For the sake of this post I played for about 15 minutes and watched my bankroll drop a good $40 in that time.

Regular Wins didn't happen enough

I think we can all agree that slots are streaky. You win a bunch then lose a bunch then you win some more etc. However I found that Rabbit in the Hat was very heavy on the losing side. Going 20-30 spins in a row without a win is unacceptable and that's exactly what happened with Microgaming's latest slot. If the features don't activate you're basically screwed and that's not the feeling I want when playing any online casino game.

I think Microgaming developers had the right idea here but the execution wasn't quite where it should be to recommend it to my readers. With that….

It's a thumbs down from me.