Posted May 15, 2015 by ben in Just for Fun

Top 10 Songs to listen to when playing slots online

Some of you may enjoy the realistic sounds offered by your favorite online casino. I do as well most of the time. But once in awhile I just turn down the volume on my current game session and turn up the speakers to enjoy what is in my option the best songs to listen to when playing the one armed bandit.

To listen to all these songs back to back I've created a Youtube playlist for your convenience.

#10 – East Bound & Down – Jerry Reed

All hail the hard working truckers out there . An awesome track to listen to at any time.


#9 – Yes – Merry Clayton

Best to be played when you hit the free spin bonus. Originally from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, Yes will have you pumped up win or lose.



#8 – Ready to Go – Republica

A song from the mid 90's that was pretty well played in every bar and club in the world. Fast paced for those of you with quick fingers !


#7 – Devil Went Down to Georgia – Charlie Daniels Band

If ever there was a song that should be played in the background of Microgaming's Red Hot Devil slot it would be Charlie's classic fiddle anthem.


#6 – Firework – Katy Perry

One of the biggest songs to ever hit the planet is also a great choice to listen to when playing any type of slots online. You may find yourself hitting the repeat button a few times though.


#5 – Thunderstruck – ACDC

There is only one song that should be played during Microgaming's 243 payline slot Thunderstruck II


#4 – Never – Moving Pictures

Best known from the footloose soundtrack, Never has been used in a number of TV scenes including the a hilarious bit by Peter Griffin on family Guy. Great track that never dies.


#3 Separate Ways – Journey

I just put this on every single list I do because Journey is the best ever.


#2 – The Final Countdown – Europe

Everybody has gone through it. The last few dollars in your bankroll is winding down and you're hoping for the bonus round to kick in.


#1 Stevie Nicks – Edge of 17

There is in my opinion, no better song to get things started than Edge of 17. A feel good track that never fails to get me pumped for a slot tournament.

Well that does it for my personal top 10 songs that I listen to when playing slots online. Hey what do you listen to ? let everybody know in the comment section below.