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Ukash Casino Banking

Casinos that accept Ukash Blog post
Casinos that accept Ukash Blog post

Looking for online casinos that accept Ukash?

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Over the last decade or so online payments to your favorite casino have changed. It's a fact of life that changes will happen so it's important to keep up to date with the latest deposit and withdrawal options available to you. While there are numerous options available to players, today I wanted to go over Ukash. This method is not available to USA residents at this time

Is UKash easy to use ?

If you're anything like me you're probably tired of jumping through endless hoops just to deposit at your favorite casino. That's why Ukash is quickly become a very popular payment method for online casino players. Not only is it easy to use but you have a number of choices regarding how much personal information you want to give out.

How can I start using Ukash ?

As stated there are a couple ways you can get started. The first way is to find the retailer near you that offers Ukash vouchers. To find the one closest to you visit the Ukash website and use the search feature by postal or by area. ( Example for Canadians here ) When you pick up your voucher you will be given a 19 digit code on a printed receipt. Just enter this code at the casino and you are ready to instantly start playing. There are literally thousands of locations in each country so it's never hard to find one close to you. For me I found 6 locations 2 minutes from my house. No ID is required to purchase with this method.

The second way is to transfer from your bank account via your debit card by visiting UseMyCard.com which will allow you to purchase a voucher number online to give to the casino of your choice. If you are going to purchase online using UseMyCard for the first time it will take up to 48 hours ( mine was done in 4 hours ) to receive your voucher and you will need to upload a piece of ID to get started. Any future deposits with them are instant once your personal information is confirmed.

Does Ukash cost anything to use / buy ?

Yes. The cost to use the service depends on how much you purchase. $1.95 for $15 vouchers and $9.95 for $250 vouchers. Here is a list of fees to use the service.

Ukash cost example

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